Jupiter (JUP) is currently trading on Uniswap at a rate of $ 0.0011. The liquidity pool contains 30,005,715 JUP and 94.73506 ETH with a total liquidity of $ 65,083 by 20 liquidity providers.

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Uniswap Statistics
Jupiter in pool 30,005,715
ETH in pool 94.73506
JUP per ETH 316,733
ETH per JUP 0.00000316
USD per JUP $ 0.0011
USD per ETH $ 343.4996
Total liquidity $ 65,083
Liquidity providers 20
Liquidity Provider Rewards

Providing liquidity on Uniswap is one of the ways to earn JUP. From 13 September to November 1st the Jupiter Team will distribute a total of 25 million JUP to the liquidity providers. The distributions will vary in size and will occur at random times to keep it fair for everyone. Rewards will be based on your liquidity pool share at the moment of the distribution.

Please make sure you are fully aware of the mechanics of Uniswap and its liquidity pools before adding liquidity yourself. The video on this page is a great resource of information about the liquidity pools.

Around 500.000 JUP (worth $ 550) are distributed to liquidity providers per day on average! Check the list below and see for yourself how much these liquidity pool providers are currently earning in this reward program! Click here to see the past distributions.

At this moment there is still 16,112,500 JUP to be distributed in this program.

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Liquidity Providers chart