Jupiter (JUP) is currently trading on Uniswap at a rate of $ 0.0006. The liquidity pool contains 154,135,427 JUP and 70.18835 ETH with a total liquidity of $ 174,330 by 10 liquidity providers.

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Uniswap Statistics
Jupiter in pool 154,135,427
ETH in pool 70.18835
JUP per ETH 2,196,026
ETH per JUP 0.00000046
USD per JUP $ 0.0006
USD per ETH $ 1,241.8693
Total liquidity $ 174,330
Liquidity providers 10
Liquidity Provider Rewards

Providing liquidity on Uniswap is one of the ways to earn JUP. From the 1st of January 2021, Jupiter has started a Liquidity Mining Farm on Unicrypt. 25 million JUP will be distributed amongst the liquidity providers over the course of 3 months. Target is 25% APY based on $200k of liquidity providing.

Go to the JUP UniCrypt farm

Please make sure you are fully aware of the mechanics of Uniswap and its liquidity pools before adding liquidity yourself. The video on this page is a great resource of information about the liquidity pools.

Liquidity Providers
Address Share
0x62ca9ae955f4518cde32700c385c57edb3c1334c Unicrypt Farm 63.90%
Farmer 0xb30640e979176e15302f71e8c5065e81b7523df5 24.82%
Farmer 0x8ca9d80147ca77766982c9be22c15aad44f0371c 12.01%
Farmer 0x7acb7e7b985361fc3e245f58980c87c397707de6 10.06%
Farmer 0xf051eaccdba53faa2fe407f8cb9bd9b6a96ca0f7 9.96%
Farmer 0x49133d04a3ab825b0e4d3f7c1108743e41edf26b 8.27%
Farmer 0x1169b6645b062b4d3052ea3e833b38f843c85288 7.08%
Farmer 0xdfe975f757bf13eecf74850f03e4093455a2fd69 6.81%
Farmer 0xfc58382e2913a24807f7fdc76dbca0d23dc1bb3f 4.88%
Farmer 0xc506b6352a32acfaeedb282da2e6c8da041826e3 3.28%
Farmer 0x2ed5b0249dcd1cce0be02c20fe765ea3f12c2ad1 2.65%
Farmer 0x906f3a38d32b848cdb4224aab5e703fa792b7b3f 2.23%
Farmer 0x62fac897f786309e55e3d27dea0435a7a6b66559 1.98%
Farmer 0x9b1d8951f635d151c926caea6194ddcfabdf966f 1.57%
Farmer 0x3da2e7172e8e54a902dd8e9e91eb109d90f56bd8 1.04%
Farmer 0x029a261e37eb94236e8f7f562e20a80807d37199 1.02%
Farmer 0x2cb9ea9c5fe31fd71cf8865fb7dc1bac93e441c8 0.93%
Farmer 0x476f5b11b9d1e6778901e63451fc47b0363808d4 0.77%
Farmer 0xa8d55253d9535bc86551f0eaf22ff327863aaf41 0.64%
0xdbf72370021babafbceb05ab10f99ad275c6220a Team.Finance 32.10%
0xdfe975f757bf13eecf74850f03e4093455a2fd69 2.53%
0x32388335cb1381d7e192a875ec1267fcdc8474a1 0.60%
0xe6accd697958c089474a48fcf78eeff63a98b0a1 0.37%
0x22bb895c0ad5bdaa1cb4f6e081a2649ef4a813ad 0.15%
0x5d7979d076f09a6c4b0e6d86446b89be9cce4eb6 0.14%
0xaf0f7ffb806ed54411d8923af1b79fb6e188ccae 0.09%
0xcbbc01eeb76e936cb92ed16a63d5fd1b331a1a9a 0.08%
0x21a6afad0505e4372b26b47ac6638b8fb71f5373 0.05%
Liquidity Providers chart