JUP > ERC20 Gateway
245,455,948 JUP
This is the address to send your JUP when swapping for ETH. Be sure to check the swapping instructions before sending your JUP.

Dev team
FORGE Generator
312,013,770 JUP
This is the generator pool for FORGE holders.

Genesis address
-8,276,535,066 JUP
This number of (negative) tokens is the total supply. This amount is going to be burned until there is a total supply of 1 billion.

966 JUP
This account funds new Metis addresses

ERC20 > JUP Gateway
113,987,846 JUP
Tokens in this gateway address are active on the native JUP chain

Dev team
Team Wallet
124,752,501 JUP

300,000,000 JUP
This contract locks Team tokens for a set period, check Teams.Finance for details

Unicrypt Farm
19,704,575 JUP
This contract holds the JUP that is rewarded to people farming JUP liquidity

Uniswap V2
174,092,632 JUP