Dev team
250M DAR/MER > JUP swap address
237,173,400 / 250,000,000 JUP
JUP reserved for MER being swapped

250M Liquidity address
200,000,000 / 250,000,000 JUP

150M Transparent address
150,000,000 / 150,000,000 JUP

50M Marketing
49,189,500 / 50,000,000 JUP

50M Sigwo Technologies
50,000,000 / 50,000,000 JUP

FORGE Generator
333,603,945 JUP
This is the generator pool for FORGE holders.

Genesis address
-10,325,721,561 JUP
This number of (negative) tokens is the total supply. This amount is going to be burned until there is a total supply of 1 billion.

966 JUP
This account funds new Metis addresses

JUP > ERC20 Swap
147,382,143 JUP
This is the address to send your JUP when swapping for ETH. Be sure to check the swapping instructions before sending your JUP.


1,335,732 JUP

ERC20 Gateway
719,164,263 JUP
Tokens in this gateway address are active on the native JUP chain

Dev team
LP Rewards
16,112,500 JUP
Liquidity providers will be rewarded from this account for providing liquidity to the Uniswap pool


Uniswap V2
19,373,260 JUP